Lena Belaya

I'm so glad you're here!

I have been working as a wedding photographer for around 5 years. Originally studying finance, after obtaining my degree I spent several years working as a CFO, though always having a camera in my bag with the dream of one day becoming a professional photographer. However fear held me back from taking the leap, I had financial stability in an industry I knew and diving into the unknown seemed such a huge risk. Finally, I decided to jump, studying for a degree in Professional Photography at the French Institute of photography - SPEOS in Paris.

That jump was one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken, my work is now my passion. I am inspired by people, landscapes, architecture and in wedding photography I have a combination of them all. My goal being to document the beautiful moments and capture the emotions so evident at each and every wedding. It’s an amazing feeling to get to play a part in such an important day for every couple.

My work has been published in such wedding blogs as Style me pretty , Wed VibesThe Noisetier , The Knot


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Outside of photography I believe the energy we put out comes back to us so I regularly practice yoga, dance and fitness, as well as eating good, natural foods whilst trying to keep my impact on the planet to a minimum, using less plastic, and giving financial help to environmental associations who help take care of nature and the animals.

Books and movies are a huge source of inspiration which I find helps to develop my photographic style. I’m also extremely inspired through travel and every year I set out to discover new countries, cultures and cities. Also I’m always open to photography offers in countries I have never been so feel free to let me know if you have an interesting project!